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21 Hour Battery Touting Droid Razr Maxx In Stores Today

A dead batter is every smart phone owners worst nightmare, but as of today they wont have a reason to be afraid anymore, at least if they are an android user. All thanks to the release of the Droid Razr Maxx, the phone is basically the same as previous with additions to a thicker surface to contaminate more battery life. Verizon and Motorola are saying that it can get users through almost a full day even if they’ve been talking on the phone that entire time! It’s unreal to see 21 hours of talk time in a phone. Some of us are happy to get less than half, these days so it’s remarkable that they’re been able to do this without compromising the thinness of the device. It’ll be $300 out the store home with it but the original is a fantastic dual-core 4.3 inch phone that has pretty OK software.

This is great for society because it can play a role in energy cuts which may create a better environment, this would be great for the people whole are not able to access chargers as much due to responsibilities and other personal issues. Now Android developers dont have to fear their users running out of power from their apps. They can now build apps without the fear of killing the users battery life. With these capabilities possibilities are endless coming soon…


21 Hour Battery Touting Droid Razr Maxx In Stores Today


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