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Android Reaches 250 Million Activations; 11 Billion Apps Downloaded

With 700,000 DAILY activations for Android, business has been crazy since November. Their Q4 was awesome, leading them to 11 B. One full billion more than even they expected. Oh, and when you add androids new found success to Gmail and Google+, Google has over 90 million users.

Android Reaches 250 Million Activations Milestone, 11 Billion Applications Downloaded | Tech in the News | Current Technology News.

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I updated your headline so that it was shorter and more direct. However, you’ve provided no summary for the reader. Fix this if you want a grade for this post. And when leaving the summary, make sure you state *why* it is important to the target audience that Android (platform) has reached a quarter billion activations with over 11b downloaded apps. Im sure the article provides that information or at the very least, eludes to it.

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