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Lumia 900 – Nokia’s smartphone unveiled

The reviews on the new Windows Phone OS has been great, but the phones that it runs on, not so great. Nokia hopes to change this with their recently unwrapped Lumia 900, an addition to their Lumia line which has performed generally well in Europe. According to comments made by Thurrott, who runs the SuperSite for windows blog, the smartphone boasting a 4.3-inch resolution display, 512 MG of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera, and the Windows Phone Mango operating system, could be hitting the US shelves as early as March. “The Lumia 900 beautifully showcases the Windows Phone OS,” Ginny Mies of PC World wrote in a hands-on test of the Lumia this week.

Lumia 900 set for March release: report –

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