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Next-gen iPhone, iPad could deliver 20 times the graphics power

If you think  your iPod, iPhone, or iPad had high resolution just wait until you get your hand on the next generation of these devices. Such power would come courtesy of new graphics processing units developed by U.K.-based Imagination Technologies, which builds the GPUs for Apple’s mobile products. Announced on CES on Tuesday, Imagination’s new PowerVR Series6 GPU core chip family is touted as providing 20 times or more of the performance of the current generation. (cnet) Shocked? You should not be, as technology progress these things get better and better. As a result of this this would create a more pleasurable user experience for future customers. This leap would present developers with the opportunity to develop more detailed applications and games. With this at hand other top leaders in the market like android would have to make changes to their products to compete in the market.;title

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