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8 things you should know before building a mobile app

1. What does it cost to make an app?

If you’re new to the app game, prepare for some sticker shock. Making an app will cost you, at the very minimum, around $10,000. This is for a super-simple program — none of that fancy enterprise or social networking jibber-jabber. Even still, any app worth its weight in code will likely cost you closer to $20,000.

2. What should you charge for your app?

3. When will you get paid?

Apple sends you cash one month at a time, up to 45 days after the month has ended. So, if your app goes live in January, you can expect your first kickback sometime in early March.

4. How do you write your iTunes description?

5. What’s the best way to beta test?

6. What happens when you get featured on iTunes?

7. How do you get press?

8. How do you avoid the spam?

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