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Amazon Pulls Thousands of E-Books

One of the only ways to separate a Kindle from any old tablet is the fact that the Kindle was made for reading electronic books.  Even with the Kindle Fire shifting more towards the android tablet side, it still keeps its purpose, that is to cater to the needs of the readers.  Agreements went sour between I.P.G and Amazon, to a point where Amazon was forced to pull 4,000 books off of the online store in an instant.  Representers from the I.P.G explained that the terms proposed by Amazon “wasn’t reasonable.”  Amazon is currently suffering with providing their users with cheap online books, which can affect product sales in the future.   The main purpose of an Kindle is to be the on -the -go, however if the books aren’t cheaper online with Amazon,then people aren’t going to waste their time purchasing a Kindle.  This can potentially place the Kindle Fire in the same category as other advanced tablets where it will suffer tremendously.  For more information

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