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Android’s Iris, a Siri-like service, changes stand on abortion

This article from the Los Angeles Times points out a crazy fact: that until this morning, Iris (Android’s version of Siri) was extremely anti-abortion and very Biblical in its reasoning. Iris is powered by Cha-Cha, which uses “guides” to answer questions that might be sent in. These guides are paid and un-paid, and are encouraged to be as opinionated as possible. But the answers that Iris gives for questions like “Is Satan real?” and “Is rape ever justified?” seem pretty one-sided to the average person. So after much backlash, Iris now answers the abortion question with: “Some people believe abortion is wrong because all human life is sacred. Others argue that it is wrong to bring an unwanted child into a harsh world, or that ‘life’ doesn’t begin at conception, or that other considerations are also important. There is no one simple answer.”,0,5902796.story

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