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Before building a mobile app …

According Seth Porges, magazine editor and creator of Cloth, an iOS fashion app there are eight things you should know before building a mobile app. Cost, is the first thing you should consider. Hiring a programmer and designer, like discussed in class, will cost a large sum of cash. There’s also the unavoidable cost of $100 per year that Apple charges for a developer account (which “will be needed to publish the app”).  How much to charge and when will you get paid are the second and third factors to consider. Apple sends cash one month at a time, in earned amounts of at least $150, and only through direct deposit. Your iTunes description is the fourth factor to consider. Simplicity and screen shots work best here. What is the best way to beta test? is the fifth factor. Porges  recommends a program called TestFlight, which makes sending build updates to registered devices, via air, simple. The sixth factor to consider is when you get featured on iTunes, what happens? How to get press is number seven. Porges advises that less is more when it comes to the pursuit of the press. He also recommends one to consider producing an emendable YouTube or Vimeo ad of some sort, which may provide one more avenue for people to stumble upon your app. Finally, consider how you will avoid spam, because within days of being added to the App Store the email linked to your iTunes developer account will be bombarded with spam.

8 things you should know before building a mobile app 

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