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Google Ups Security with Bouncer for Android Market

It’s pretty clear that smartphones are so much more than basic phones. They’re more powerful than computers we had on our desks 10 years ago, as such, they need computer-like protection from viruses, malware, and other nasty things. Although, all apps must go through an approval process, still some apps have been able to slip past that and make their way in to mobile devices, “no more will this happen google says.”

To ensure this Google has come forward to announce a new service called “Bouncer” just days after announcing of a major malware infection found in some Android Apps. Bouncer will scan developer accounts automatically and look for “potentially malicious software without disrupting the user experience.” It also “looks for behaviors that indicate an application might be misbehaving, and compares it against previously analyzed apps to detect possible red flags.” If it finds some bad stuff, it gives that app (and presumably the developer) the boot out of the door, thereby protecting us Android users from the bad guys.

This addition to the Android would create a safer environment for its customers, more buyers will buy apps without the fear of they information being stolen or hacked. This sill force to developers to create more safer apps with the regards to geting the kicked out of the Android market. Although customers may spend more, developers must invest wisely for better development strategies.


Google announces “Bouncer” to tackle “potentially malicious software” in the Android Market

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