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T-Mobile Comeback Plan

For the past year, Tmobile has been watching the competition unravel from the outside looking in.  For the past year, T-Mobile has come up fourth to other cell phone companies like AT&T and Verizion when it comes to sales and customer satisfaction.  This time around T-Mobile is stepping up the competition.  T-Mobile plans to invest $4 Billion to the restructure of their mobile infrastructure, adding LTE Advanced hardware in its network during the deployment, and building upon customer service/image. With the restructure, users will now have a different options of phone …which may include the iPhone.  T-Mobile is the only main cell-phone provider without the iPhone because of how their infrastructure is built.  Maybe T-Mobile users will find a phone in their hands one day.  However others feel as if this new T-Mobile comeback plan is full of flaws and can’t be supported with just by $4billion. For more information:;topStories

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