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Windows Phone 8 Leaked


In this time of age it is hard to produce a phone that is not compatible to android or Apple iOS, however Nokia and Windows 8 plans to take on that challenge.  The Windows 8 phone doesn’t have a release date yet, however it is said to create a huge competition in the mobile phone industry.  The Windows 8 phone plans on bringing the business aspect back to mobile phone, taking a note from RIM, with faster wifi better data-coverage, and encryption of company business apps.  The phone will have a multi-core processor compared to the dual android phones run off of.  Users will now have the option of linking their phone to their tablet and their windows ran computer.  This is great compared to the apple iOS products because more people have windows ran computers(PCs) compared to MacBooks.   I’d be excited to know that I can finally link my phone with my PC laptop.  So this can be a bit interesting.  More information about Windows 8 can be found on





  1. if and how it is a disruptive technology (societal)
  2. if and how it adds to the field of mobile tech development (developmental)
  3. if and how it adds or changes the economic state of mobile technology / development (economic)

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