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Apple adds demo licensing to terms and conditions

After the reveal of the new iPad yesterday, a change was seen in Apple’s terms and conditions which mentions timed trials of apps. The new paragraph states “Certain paid In App Subscriptions may offer a free trial period prior to charging your Account. If you decide you do not want to purchase the In App Subscription, turn off auto-renewal in your Account settings during the free trial period.” With the addition of app trials, developers can allow users to try out paid apps for a limited time which opens the door to increased app sales. In the past, a user would have to purchase an app for full price and hope that it was what they expected since there was no possibility of a refund. Although no apps take advantage of this yet, it is only a matter of time until it is adopted by developers looking to allow users to test drive apps before buying which will leave their users happier and probably more likely to leave a positive review.

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