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Imagine not having access to the internet, Facebook, twitter and your email on your phone?  Well this might be the case if you aren’t willing to pay a hefty price.  5 years or so down the line, mobile internet service for cell phones will be in trouble.  According to Scott T. Stainken, the general manager for telecommunications at International Business Machines “Today it is significant. It is going to become much, much more significant over the next five years.” People are using their phone less for texting and calling and more so for video streaming, Facebook, twitter with mobile web.  This is an increasing problem that most mobile providers didn’t expect.  They are faced with keeping up with the high demands for mobile usability provided by phone manufacturers.  Few years from now unlimited data plans will be a thing of the past.  This will definitely have an impact on the app world and the cell phone industry as a whole.  Everything as we know it on a cellular device is ran by the internet.  When mobile providers are charging customers more to experience their  new phone (aside from the data plan charge) then it forces the users to make  the phone go back to its original  purpose back in the 1970s.


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