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Flurry Introduces Flurry AppSpot, the Platform for App Advertising

Flurry, a company that is well established in the mobile application world for their analytics, has announced the launch of another mobile application tool. This time it is more geared towards those companies using the mobile app world as a source of advertisement. Flurry AppSpot allows advertisers to ensure that their advertisement is being placed in the most ideal spots for optimal coverage of the target audience. This service also includes free ad servicing and even mediation. Flurry hopes that this development will allow for greater advancements in the advertising realm of mobile applications, as well as close the daunting gap between what is being spent in advertising in traditional media and what is currently being spent in new age advertising, such as mobile applications.


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Flurry Introduces Flurry AppSpot, the Platform for App Advertising

 Flurry, the leader in mobile app audience acquisition, measurement and monetization services, today announced the release of Flurry AppSpot, the first data-powered app advertising platform.  The platform delivers agency-grade targeting, serving and reporting.  Built with powerful audience segmentation at its core, Flurry AppSpot enables publishers to unlock the full value of their ad inventory.

Flurry AppSpot is super-powered by Flurry Analytics data from over 160,000 applications across more than 500 million devices. This provides publishers the ability to segment their audience and sell higher-value, targeted campaigns to advertisers, including agencies, direct advertisers and advertising networks.  Advertisers can target the segments that matter most to them, ensuring more effective campaigns.

Launching concurrently with Flurry AppSpot is a slate of premium services ranging from assisted media sales to managed yield optimization.  Combined, these services maximize publisher ad revenue while reducing media sales and ad operations costs.  Additionally, all adserving and mediation is completely free, with no limits on volume.

“Compared to online advertising, mobile app advertising can be simpler, better and more powerful,” said Simon Khalaf, president and chief executive officer of Flurry. “In online, there are simply too many moving parts between the advertiser and the publisher, including ad servers, ad exchanges, supply side platforms, demand side platforms and data management platforms. In the app advertising world, Flurry AppSpot delivers an optimal path between advertisers and publishers, adding in ground-breaking targeting and analytics.”

Full Suite of Services to Accelerate Monetization

Flurry services make monetization easier for publishers.  Every publisher is backed by 24/7 support from Flurry’s global services team.  For publishers looking to access big brand and agency budgets without building a large sales team, Flurry offers a Premium Media Sales Service.  Flurry’s global sales team will represent publisher inventory in large-scale guaranteed media buys, allowing publishers to capture more value for their audiences with less effort.

To reduce the burden of manually mediating several networks, Flurry offers Managed Network Optimization. Flurry’s yield management experts will optimize network allocations using advanced targeting and historical hourly payout behavior.

Free Ad Serving and Mediation

Flurry AppSpot delivers a series of industry firsts.  Not only does the platform combine audience targeting with ad serving and network mediation, but also offers its ad serving and mediation completely for free. Only when publishers enable premium targeting for their advertisers does Flurry charge a nominal fee.  With other solutions charging for adserving and mediation, Flurry AppSpot costs less to use, increasing margins for publishers.

“With so many companies vying to claim a part of their success, app publishers pay too much in fees today,” said Rahul Bafna, Flurry senior director of product management.  “Unlike other services, we built Flurry AppSpot so that publishers pay only after Flurry has delivered them additional revenue.  Flurry AppSpot will maximize revenue while minimizing cost.”

Closing the Mobile Advertising Spending Gap

Flurry research reveals that consumer time spent using mobile applications is more than 20 times greater than the relative advertising budget spent on mobile.  While consumer media consumption accounts for 23% of the time among TV, Online, Print, Radio and Mobile, only 1% of total advertising spending is going to Mobile.  A key reason is the lack of insight and targeting afforded to advertisers. With Flurry AppSpot, advertisers now have the ability to target the same audiences on mobile that they do online, and receive on-the-fly reporting about which kinds of consumers interact best with their campaigns.

About Flurry
Flurry increases the size and value of mobile application audiences, with its analytics and advertising network used in more than 160,000 applications across iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, J2ME and HTML5 platforms.  Flurry tracks over 30 billion anonymous, aggregated end-user application sessions each month across more than 500 million devices.  Flurry is venture-backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, InterWest Partners, Union Square Ventures, Menlo Ventures and First Round Capital.  The company has offices in San Francisco, New York and London.

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