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Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Strategy: 10 Reasons It’s Failing

Microsoft seems to be struggling in the mobile market. With the competition such as Apple and Google, Microsoft appears to not have a place in today’s mobile market. This article offers ten reasons as to why Microsoft’s Windows mobile strategy is failing. I’ve only listed a two below for blog purposes but visit the link below to read all ten reasons.

Consumer knowledge isn’t there
Microsoft hasn’t done a great job in informing consumers about their mobile device and its benefits. Consumers hear about how great the iPhone and Android are but they don’t know that much when it comes to the Windows Phone.

Mobile carrier aren’t playing nice
Among the mobile carriers, Verizon Wireless and AT&T are willing to promote the iPhone and Android but the Windows Phone. The Microsoft’s mobile device will not stand a chance if the carriers out there are not willing to sell and sponsor their products.

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Strategy: 10 Reasons It’s Failing

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