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New Face Recognizer App

Imagine if your phone can identify your friends before you even get to snap the picture?  Well the new app Klik is making it possible for iPhone users.  Klik powered by the internet face identifier release an app that allows real time face tagging of friends or people tag.  Klik scans the face of the person and links their Facebook profile to your phone.  It also uploads the image to Facebook already tagged. On the downside, computers have difficulty identifying faces in low light or from far away distances.  Also you are provided with a lot of false predictions, which can lead to confusion and or frustration.  This app has a couple privacy concerns, however it is still safe to a point where you have to agree to the terms.  Kilk still has a lot of developing to do as far as its objective, however the discovery of this feature can definitely do wonders for apps to come.


More information can be found on,0,7413594.story

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