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New TV audio app

Have you ever passes by a television in the mall or in a sports bar and wanted to hear what it was saying…but you couldn’t?  Well there is now an app for that.  Android and iOS users now have the capability of listening to a television through their cell phone.  The Audioair app is an application still in its beginning phases, and serves primarily for the hearing impaired.   The current problem with this app is that you are required to be in a wifi capable area.  The biggest problem of them all is that the venue where the television is located  has to be “Audioair subscribe”.  Small towns in states like Colorado and New Mexico are the only places where a person can get the full experience of Audioair.  Other than the downside of the app, this is a huge step for mankind and the app business.  I wouldn’t be surprise to see this idea evolve to something that can be compatible to all televisions.


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