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Nokia appeals to mobile app developers

Nokia is pitching its Windows Phones as the best bet for operators and app developers, and to prove it, announced partnerships for new apps with brands including Michelin Travel, Red Bull, Kraft Foods and others. “We’re creating a platform to attract third party developers that’s far friendlier and far more aligned with the interests of operators all over the world” compared to the other leading mobile platforms, said Nokia’s CEO earlier this week.

The idea is that a growing number of people around the world are getting phones but don’t have credit cards. Nokia aims to remove the payment process (at least for now).

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The more articles I read, the more I see the same complaint for using iOS. Developers hate jumping through the hoops and customers hate the exclusivity apple mandates from it’s users. I’m not saying apple products will go extinct in the near future, but eventually consumers are going to grow weary of the iron fist apple holds on the market.


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