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To BBQ And Beyond: Mobile Car Service Uber Moves To New Ground At SXSW

Uber, the SMS/iPhone/Android friendly private car service, has been on a (ahem) roll, with the service expanding out to new cities and picking up ever more passengers. But this week at SXSW it is trying out a little something different while still playing on its strengths in on-demand service:

It is running an on-demand barbecue sandwich service in partnership with Iron Works BBQ, which can be ordered using Uber’s regular app. The BBQ service will be in addition to a revival of the pedicab service that Uber first introduced last year, when it quickly realized that offering lots of big cars during a traffic-choked mega-event (attracting upwards of 20,000 people) was not necessarily the best route to making new friends. Together, the two point to ways you could imagine Uber expanding in the years to come.

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