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Walkie Talkie App.

We thought the existence of walkie talkies on a mobile device went in the trash along with its only compatible friend: NEXTEL; however walkie talkies are the new crave with the Voxer app.  The Voxer app, compatible with both iOS and Android phones allows users to send an audio message to their friends.  Compared a lot to something like an audio text message, Voxer allows you to send a message with the release of a button, just like a walkie talkie.  Great app to use when driving, or when you don’t feel like texting that huge paragraph to a friend.  The app connects you with all of your contacts who are using the app and syncs with other contact areas to ensure a network of people.  A question was asked, whether this can be the new texting (SMS)?  The answer is no.  However, Voxer will be dominant in this market and it would be hard for another app developer to make something better.



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