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FCC Steps Up Fight Against Mobile Device Theft

FCC Steps Up Fight Against Mobile Device Theft.

Gone are the days of stolen smart phones. Now the FCC has laid down the hammer and has AT&T, Verizon, Spring and T-mobile all on board in their new iniative to stop smart phone theft. Previously, customers would have their phones stolen and be told that they needed to buy a new device. Meanwhile, the thief is off playing with their new phone. T-mobile has been blacklisting phones for some time now, but the other carriers have not. Blacklisting means blocking the phone from connecting to the carriers network. This means no calls, texts or data for that device.

Now the FCC wants the carriers to all share a common database of blacklisted phones so that when a phone is stolen, it is useless as a phone from that point on, at least on any of the major US carriers. Personally, I feel this will help to reduce the motivation of stealing smart phones in the future and is a major development to the industry.

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