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The Home Buyers App

Developers have created an app that allows you to know anything about a house for sale before even stepping through the front door. Two deep-pocketed Internet companies, Trulia and Zillow, released mobile software years ago intended to help buyers find and research available homes, among other features.   However, House Hunter, an app only for iOS for $4 charges gives you all of those features plus more.  With House Hunter, you can inquire information as far as the amount of data, like size, location and even the year of the last kitchen update.  The GPS feature it uses gives you the location of houses for sale in your area and the range.  It also comes equipt with a mortgage calculator.  This app can be difficult to manage especially due to the increase of houses for sale all around.  However it is a good start to a great system.   More information about Zillows and House Hunter applications can be found: 

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