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5 Ways Higher Education Is Leveraging Mobile Tech

The latest numbers show 40% of teens plan on buying an iPhone within the next three months. In the last three years, the smartphone penetration rate among the 18-24 age demographic has risen by nearly a fifth. It’s not unreasonable to expect that nearly all of the Class of 2015 will have smartphones by the time they graduate. At the same time, nearly half of all college students are using their phones to access the mobile web.

There’s a recent debate about whether schools should create mobile apps or mobile websites. Either way, according to Dave Olsen, a web developer at West Virginia University, roughly 15% of colleges and universities even have a mobile website, much less an app or set of apps targeted to their prospective, current and/or alumni bodies.

As tomorrow’s grads become increasingly married to their mobile devices, here are five ways that mobile tech matters just as much as social technology in the higher ed space [The explanations of each point is edited out due to length].

1. Engaging a Mobile Student Body

2. Providing Real-Time Information that Matters

3. Creating a Safer Campus

4. Empowering Mobile Commerce

5. University Brand Reputation

5 Ways Higher Education Is Leveraging Mobile Tech.

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