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InMarket Team Discusses Lessons in Application Development

The  inMarket application CheckPoints, a free shopping application has earned the company more than 20 million users since 2010. Todd and Mark DiPaola, the president and CEO respectively, explain what they have learned in their experience in Mobile Application Development.  These are lessons that might aid developers in making disruptive technology.

1)”The fewer registration buttons, the better” – If your user is impatient, they will look for any excuse to find another application.

2)”Watch out for feature creep” – Do not add too many extra features which take away from the functionality of the application’s intended purpose.

3)”To make people devoted to your app, offer features no one else has–but make sure the design is flexible, customizable and intuitive.”

4)”Sweat the small stuff” – Consider every feature along the lines of “efficiency and functionality.”

5)”Don’t be afraid to make last-minute tweaks or to let a trusted outsider test your product.”

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