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One-Third Of Emails Are Opened On Mobile Devices

“If your brand has not yet reached the tipping point in mobile email engagement, it will soon. How your email subscribers view and consume email content has fundamentally changed within the past few years. Every marketer will have to embrace the mobile-majority audience or risk continued declines in click and conversion metrics.”

The amount of emails opened on a mobile platform is growing rapidly. 36 percent of all emails are opened on a mobile device from which 26% is on smartphones and 10% on tablets. IOS users access their emails 5 times more than android users and Iphone and Ipad are the devices most used for opening emails.


Here’s a short summary from Business Insider, but you can access the full research below.

BII MOBILE INSIGHTS: Mobile Jumps To Over One-Third Of All Email Opens – Business Insider.

Access the full PDF here.

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