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“Hi-Call” The Bluetooth enabled…. gloves?

Everyone knows the global “Call me” hand gesture. You know, the one where you position your thumb on your ear and pinky near your mouth. Yeah, that one. What if you could actually talk to someone on the phone by doing that? With the “Hi-Call” glove you can do just that. The Hi-Call glove is a Bluetooth accessory that has a speaker in the thumb and a microphone in the pinky. With this glove, it is Bluetooth up to 39 feet. So you can leave your phone in the living room and use the glove to make a call while in the kitchen preparing a family dinner. The gloves have a few buttons that allow them to accept, deny, or end calls. It is also possible to make phone calls while using the gloves if you already have the person you are trying to call on voice dial. There is also a button on the glove for a “call last number” function.

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