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How a Holga, Stanford and ‘secret sauce’ conspired to create Instagram

This Forbes cover story narrates the development of the groundbreaking photo sharing social network, Instagram. Most of the piece covers the serendipitous trajectory of the app and its creators, but there are some classic usability ‘a-ha!’ moments that crystallize the reasons why the tool has caught the imagination of Smart Phone users as well as the most powerful man in Social Media. For instance: “Instagram gives low-quality camera phone pics a hip, retro feel. One tap on the touchscreen and an average sunset changes into a tropical postcard, an old bicycle gets a sting of nostalgia and a half-eaten hamburger turns poignant. ‘Imagine if there was a funny button in Twitter or a clever button in Tumblr,’ says Systrom. ‘Most photo apps before asked something of the users. They said you produce, act and perform. Instagram said let us take care of the secret sauce.’”  

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