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Intel Debuts Clover Trail For Tablets, Launches New Atom Inside

Intel is launching its next-generation Clover Trail platform. The new Intel Z2760 is a dual-core, quad-threaded device clocked at up to 1.8GHz, with support for up to 2GB of RAM and graphics provided courtesy of a single PowerVR SGX545 core. Chipzilla expects to see wide adoption from multiple partners, with a host of tablets expected to launch simultaneously with Windows 8. It’s been 4.5 years since Intel launched the first Atom processors and detailed its plans for a next-generation ecosystem of handheld x86 devices with lower power consumption and better performance-per-watt than any modern Pentium or Core 2 Duo. Intel’s idea for a MID (Mobile Internet Device) never caught on, but the first Atoms drove the adoption of netbooks by popularizing the idea of a low-cost computer with far more battery life than anything else on the market.


Intel debuts Clover Trail for tablets, launches new Atom Inside brand

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