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iOS 6: A Future Opportunity for Application Developers?

There is little doubt among experts that Apple’s iOS 6 is an improvement over the previous iOS 5 version but there is still room for development especially in replacing certain carry over applications.
Apple maps have been a big disappointment to many users. It’s missing many of the components that have been taken for granted by many users of Google Maps such as major points of interest, as well as many street and city names. In addition, Street View a major and appreciated component of Google Maps is nowhere to be found in Apple Maps.
Apple’s email application has a few new features but by in large problems still exist like the inability to mark all emails as read or to delete all email messages. There is also little support for new fonts or page styles in email. There is also no spam filter for the device itself nor support for group emails.
Siri needs further development as its voice recognition ability is still very poor as it typically mistranslates almost 50% of the time. Google’s voice recognition program is far more efficient.

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow users to delete unwanted Apple-developed applications. Whether you want it or not you’re often stuck with an Apple-developed application you can’t use and you cannot even hide it from view.

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