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iOS 6 Users Having Problems With Wi-Fi On iPhone and iPad

A number of Apple iOS 6 users say they still can’t connect to Wi-Fi networks, and the problem isn’t just with the iphone 5.

Reports of the glitch have filled up 91 pages on Apple’s Discussion Forums since September 19. Most users say the Wi-Fi option on their device is grayed out, preventing them from accessing the feature at all. Many have tried the usual fixes, such as reinstalling the OS, resetting the device, and even getting a replacement unit from Apple. But the problem persists.

Some users have said the bug is isolated to the iphone 5. But many of the complaints on Apple’s forums are from people using an iPhone 4S, iPad, or another Apple device.

iOS 6 users first ran into Wi-Fi problems shortly after the OS was released. Several people reported then that the Wi-Fi option was grayed out. The culprit was traced back to an offline Apple Web page that checks to make sure a Wi-Fi connection doesn’t require a login. Once the page was brought back up, the glitch was fixed. Or so it was thought.

As is often the case, the issue affects some users and not others. It’s still difficult to gauge how many people are affected. That makes the problem more difficult to resolve since there are likely other factors involved than just the new OS.

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