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iOS Cloud based video service ” Cloudee ” now open to the public

Cloudee, an iOS cloud-based video service was released to the public earlier this week. “The service is a lot like the new feature Apple recently rolled out for its iOS 6 camera apps, which allows friends and family to view custom streams of video or images via iCloud.  Cloudee allows you to create and organize all the personal videos on your iPhone into separate streams for friends, family, co-workers, etc. Then you will be able to share your video through various apps such as Facebook or Twitter. As of now the service offers users unlimited storage space, but users probably can expect some type of subscription in the future. The Cloudee team also unveiled a “new desktop upload tool that should help give the service a boost over Apple’s native apps. People who do have a collection of videos stored on their PC probably aren’t in any rush to figure out a way to add them to Apple’s photo and video streams.” With its high level of sharing with specific individuals, video sharers may wanna put forth an effort to download it and give it a try.


Cloudee forecast: iOS-based cloud video service opens to the public

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