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iOS Not As Secure As We Think

Researchers have broken into an iPhone 4S running the latest version of Apple iOS, making it possible to exploit the same vulnerability in the iPhone 5 that is set for release on Friday.

Because the hacked iPhone was running a developer version of iOS 6, it’s likely the same vulnerability could be used to break into an iPhone 5 or the latest iPad and iPod Touch devices.

WebKit is a layout engine used by browsers to render Web pages. The open source technology is used in the Safari Web browser in iOS and in Google’s Chrome, which recently became the default browser for Android.

The WebKit browser exploit took only a few weeks to make, the researchers told IT World.  Using the malicious code in a website would enable a cybercriminal to bypass the security mechanisms in Safari to gain access to the phone’s data.

“Apple will have to come up with an update and then people need to upgrade as fast as possible,” Pol told IT World.

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