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iPhone 5 could quite possibly be Apple’s most repairable phone yet

Dropping your phone and shattering you screen may have become a little more stress free with the iPhone 5. It seems as if the new iPhone is a lot more repair friendly than the previous iPhone 4 &4s.

“I think Apple is finally paying attention to what consumers really need,” said  Kyle Wiens, head of iFixit iPhone repairs. By making the iPhone easier to repair ” means that it’s more likely that owners will keep their phones much longer.” Seems as if Apple is finally starting to listen to whats the consumers are saying, and are making there product more durable.

Besides the repairs, it was also mentioned that apple has made the phone more scratch resistant. While doing their tear down of the iPhone 5, iFixit also noticed that the back of the phone didnt attract as many scratches as the previous phone but the edges are pretty much the same.

As the phone advances, we all look forward to seeing what kind of new unique techniques apple will come up with.


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