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Isis mobile payment service delays trial run

Isis is a mobile payment, which allows users to pay for services and products by their smartphone at a cash register. Unlike Google Wallet, which had a larger launch, Isis has chosen to open in select markets. Ryan Hughes the head of marketing for Isis said, “Our focus has been on making sure when we launch we do it properly and do it right.” He declined to explain why the project was delayed, saying that Isis was going through a list of objectives.

Like Isis, the idea of mobile payments have attracted other companies as well which the majority have agreed on using a technology called NFC which allows for a tap-and-pay function. The lack of NFC in certain smartphones such as the iphone is not a setback Hughes further said. Hughes believes that the mobile payment service will take time to be adopted. Even with Google Wallet gaining much buzz last year, it has seen a slow adoption itself.

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