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NASA to Launch Android Smartphone Powered Nano-Satellites

NASA will shortly send up two cube-shaped nano-satellites into space that weigh approximately two pounds apiece. The pair will each be powered by an Android Smartphone

Samsung’s Nexus S (PhoneSat 2.0) will power one of the nano-satellites while the other will be powered by an HTC’s Nexus One (PhoneSat 1.0). NASA’s Small Spacecraft Technology program will oversee the project named PhoneSat.

PhoneSat 1.0 will be using the Nexus 1.0 Smartphone, batteries, a watchdog circuit, and a radio beacon to record its position in space as well as take photos. Phonesat 2.0 will have GPS receiver and solar panels.

The cost for the nano-satellites will be very reasonable with PhoneSat 1.0 costing about $3500 while PhoneSat 2.0 will cost a little more with its extra equipment.

Orbital Sciences Corporation’s Antares rocket will be used to launch the two nano-satellites by the end the year. The launch will cost NASA about $50,000.

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