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Redesigning Apps for iPhone 5

Designers will be forced to redesign their apps to fit the new screen dimensions of the iPhone 5. Moreover, doubling the dimensions, which was the solution for the Retina display, will not solve the issue for the iPhone 5. The difficulty of redesigning and reconfiguring your app to make it look atheistically pleasing will depend on the interface of the specific app. Milen Dzhumerov, developer of Clear, said,

“The amount of work depends solely on whether the interface in question is inherently stretchable. For example, a lot of applications are size-constrained thus they employ scrollviews. For those types of applications, supporting the new screen should be a matter of removing assumptions in any layout code about the screen height.”

So, redesigning an app for the iPhone 5 will not be terribly difficult, but it is not trivial for mobile application development companies. Hopefully, when you receive your iPhone5 there will be no black bars.

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