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Samsung Touts Features of Galaxy S III Over IPhone 5

This last weekend Samsung came out with an ad titled “It doesn’t take a genius” comparing its Galaxy S III (GS3) to Apple’s new IPhone 5.The ad’s title is a shot at Apple’s Genius Bar which refers to Apple’s Help Center located in its retail stores.The ad itself goes through a 12 point spec-by-spec comparison of the two mobile phones with the GS3 having the better features according to Samsung.

Apple fans being distraught over the Samsung ad came out with their own version of the ad with the title “Don’t Settle for Cheap Plastic.”  An obvious  reference to the inexpensive materials used in the GS3 as compared to the IPhone 5 which is made of aluminum and glass. Apple fans commented on the Samsung’s feature comparison list and embellished it to show the superiority of the IPhone 5 with its additional features.

Nokia fans also countered with an ad of their own titled “Flyweight Contender, Meet the Heavyweight Champion,”  which compared the IPhone 5 to the Lumia 920. One of the Lumia 920 advantages listed was the fact that the device weighs 6.53 ounces as compared with the IPhone 5 weight of 3.95 ounces. Why a heaver phone is an advantage is a puzzlement to many people.

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