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Texas Instruments Says It’s Not Exiting Mobile Market


“Texas Instruments is revamping its strategy regarding its OMAP chipsets and announced that it considers the smartphone and tablet market less attractive and will focus on bringing OMAP to more platforms than wireless gadgets.

Reuters, citing various analysts, reported that it’s quite likely that TI will be quitting the smartphone and tablet business altogether. Today, a TI media relations manager contacted us to clarify the company’s position.

It will indeed be broadening the reach of its OMAP products, aiming at “embedded applications such as automotive, industrial, enterprise communication, vision and robotics, to grow the OMAP footprint beyond mobile”.

TI will also continue its efforts in developing the OMAP chipsets and the fifth generation, the one with Cortex-A15 cores, is on track – it’s sampling today and the first consumer products it will power are expected in early 2013.”

TI says it’s not giving up on OMAP chipsets, OMAP 5 on track – news.

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