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The St. Charles Entrepreneurial Symposium

September 29th, 2012 from 8am to 12pm, developers and startup company leaders can get advice from entrepreneurs on getting their business ideas into effect.  Attendees will hear from Randy Schilling, the keynote speaker (, Linda Duree, and Ron Mueller.


1.    Assisting the community to find and access appropriate entrepreneurial resources

2.    Advancing a multi-disciplinary approach to entrepreneurship training, research, and outreach

3.    Informing the community of entrepreneurial activities at Lindenwood and throughout St. Charles

4.    Building synergies by connecting people through mentoring and collaboration

The First Annual St. Charles Entrepreneurship Symposium will utilize workshops to train and motivate local entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. Everyone is welcome to attend FREE of charge. The workshop speakers represent multiple aspects of entrepreneurship including Finding Money, Branding, Social Media, Employee Management, Online Business, Business Plan Creation, Idea Generation, Enhancing Efficiency, Home-based Business, Fine Arts, Human Resources, and much more!

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