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Venture Capital and Mobile Technology

Want to know how Venture Capital (VC) is spent on mobile technology? Rajeen Chand, Managing Director as well as Head of Research for Rutberg & Co., a research-centric investment bank has recently come out with a 2012 update on VC and its relationship to mobile phone technology. This document covers such areas as VC Investments in Mobile, the Proportion of Mobile VC to Overall Technical VC, VC Investments vs. Technical Companies’ R&D Expenditures, and other relevant mobile charts and diagrams.

VC is a major economic factor in mobile technology development and can also be instrumental in fueling disruptive technologies. A very interesting VC in Mobile 1h2012 Cluster Map by Chand shows the relationship as well as the breakdown of VC across such areas as Advertising, Video, Consumer Apps, Commerce, Enterprise, Device and mHealth.

Click to access 1H12update.pdf

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