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Wal-Mart and Target to drop Amazon Kindle devices

Wal-Mart and Target will no longer be carrying any models of the Amazon Kindle tablet and e-readers. Target made this news public back in May and Wal-Mart just made the announcement on yesterday. Wal-Mart did not make a statement as to why they are choosing to stop selling the Kindle devices. However, many analysts say it is clear as to why they are deciding to stop selling the Kindle. “Physical retailers have been worried about customers who browse in stores and then buy from online competitors instead. Displaying the new Kindles encourages that behavior”, analysts said. The Kindle fire is taking away from some of Wal-Mart’s other sales, such as books, movies, etc. Other stores, including Best Buy, Staples and Office Depot, stated that they would continue to carry the devices.



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