Where a 4G LTE iPhone Would Actually Matter

With AT&T announcing their 4G LTE expansion across the nation, and the new iPhone 5 speculation, here’s a detailed map from Time: Techland on where the 4G LTE would actually matter.

When Apple announces its new iPhone next week, there’s a good chance it’ll support 4G LTE data speeds. If that happens, we’ll surely hear all about it from wireless carriers eager to extol their own gloriously fast networks.

But as this happens, it’s worth noting that 4G data is still a work in progress. That may explain why Apple has held off on the technology for so long, even as Android and Windows Phone handsets have adopted it. Wireless carriers in the United States aren’t nearly finished rolling out their faster networks, so while the new iPhone may support 4G LTE, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get faster speeds in your area.

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