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Study: Users Both Mostly Positive And Inconsistent In Reviewing iOS App Store Titles

Empatika used sentiment analysis to analyze around 500,000 reviews and see what reviewers were saying about some popular App Store titles, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. What they found was that of the reviewers covered in the survey, a massive 52 percent posted only positive reviews, while 43 percent posted both good and bad reviews, and only a tiny 5 percent had registered only negative feedback through the App Store itself.

Reviewers of apps appear to primarily only review apps they perceive positively, and often the text content of the rating doesn’t match the number of stars given. A recommendation made by the study for app developers is to solicit a review from users, and to do so only after a user has spent some time using the app (thus ensuring they have had some positive experience and haven’t abandoned it).

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