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Active Frames touted as key differentiator for RIM BlackBerry 10

RIM showed off its new Active Frames feature for the BlackBerry 10 at CTIA’s MobileCon this week. The concept behind Active Frames is pretty simply: No one likes minimizing apps on their smartphones and then flipping through different screens to open up new ones. So Active Frames creates a series of minimized windows on users’ screens that show them all the apps they’re currently running, and it lets them easily flip through them without having to return to a central home screen and clicking on separate icons.

“What we’re trying to do is streamline [the multitasking] process, break down the silos that exist between a lot of those applications … and introduce a new flow to the whole user experience paradigm,” Jeff Gadway, RIM’s senior manager of brand and marketing communications, told VentureBeat. They are hoping this feature sets them apart in the smartphone market. Will this feature be adopted by other smart phone makers in the near future? 


RIM BlackBerry 10: Active Frames touted as key differentiator.

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