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Amiigo Is A Fitness Bracelet App That Knows What Type Of Exercise You’re Doing

Workout and sports sensors like Nike Fuel and BodyBug have become increasingly popular in the past year and are great at keeping track of your daily and weekly workouts. However, they are not so great at determining what it is that you are doing. Amiigo has taken aim to fix that by launching their own workout sensor brand. Amiigo will be able to differentiate between exercise and keep track out what exact workout or training that you are doing. Amiigo states that their upcoming device, “will be able to determine a person’s actual activity. It will be able to tell the difference between things like running, cycling, lifting weights, and swimming.” Amiigo will also have an app that goes with the bracelet and keeps track of things like heart rate, blood oxygen levels and skin temperature.


Below is some information on their startup:

The startup is kicking off an Indiegogo on October 29 with the aim of raising $90,000, and hopes to be ready to ship in April 2013. First taker backers will be able to snag the device for an extremely tasty price of $89, after which it will be sold for $119 — which is still pretty neat considering it undercuts some of Amiigo’s less-capable competitor devices.


Amiigo Is A Fitness Bracelet (Plus App) That Knows What Type Of Exercise You’re Doing — And What It’s Doing To You

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