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iPad mini shows to be good for gaming

According to game developers, the iPad mini is expected to have quite an impact on gaming. Created with an A5 chip, and its display is a 7.9-inch, 1024×768 pixel display, this will make it difficult for developers to create the apps, considering their used to making it for the fourth generation ipad with a A6X processor.

According to Scott Foe “the iPad mini could further revolutionize the educational market, leading to more devices in classrooms. That could mean kids goofing off playing Angry Birds in school or new kinds of apps that could replace physical textbooks.”

“The price of $329 is a real issue. But it’s a serious competitor not only to the $249 PS Vita and the $169 3DS but also the $299 iPod Touch. Apple has to hope that its new device won’t cannibalize the popular MP3 player.”

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