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Placecast links nearby offers with your credit card

There is many ways for customers to get deals on their mobile devices these days and some of them such as Foursquare take advantage of your location. Placecast has had a service that offers location-based offers but now it’s adding a new feature. Customers can opt-in to a service that connects one’s credit card to the Placecast’s app which then will enable them to redeem deals by using that credit card. This is allowing the stores a better way to measure how the deals they are offering are affecting their sales and for the customer it makes redeeming deals easy. Placecast has acquired some big chains as its customers that are currently using the ShopAlerts app and Placecast says that they will only charge the companies for marketing when a customer makes a purchase.

Placecast links nearby offers with your credit card — Tech News and Analysis.

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