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Samsung unveils Galaxy S III Mini smartphone with Smart Stay

This article points out two things that are of importance. The first is the fact that Samsung has decided that there might be a market for mini smart phones. I think most of us would agree that there are many people who would love to decrease the size of their smart phone. So, while Apple is going with a bigger screen and a more narrow body, Samsung is taking it a new direction by decreasing the size of the touch screen to 4 inches and making the entire phone smaller. The other innovation Samsung is adding to this phone is a Smart Stay feature.  ‘Smart Stay’ enables the phone’s camera to track a person’s eyes and keep the screen lit as long as they are looking at it. I believe that this will be something other smart phone designers look at and find other ways of implimenting in the near future.

So are minis the direction smartphone developers will go in the future? I truly wonder as the added convenience of a smaller device will definitely draw many people towards. I am excited to see the way Samsungs Galaxy S II Mini pans out.

Samsung unveils Galaxy S III Mini smartphone | Mobile News Online.

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