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Samsung’s Q3 operating profit to hit $7.3B

Samsung is reporting another record breaking Q3 operating profit, which is expected to hit $7.3 billion in earnings. This marks the fourth consecutive quarter in which the Korean based company has broke the previous quarter’s record. Smartphones, specifically the galaxy devices, and high-end TV’s have bolstered the Q3 profits. Furthermore, “Samsung also continues to be a key component provider for Apple.” Samsung is expected to rake in a record profit of $25 billion by the years end.  Though, experts do not think that Samsung will be able to break the $7.3 billion record in Q4. “Analysts expect Samsung’s run of four record quarters to come to an end in Q4 when Samsung ramps up marketing costs to combat rival smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone 5 in the battle for holiday sales.” Nevertheless, Samsung has become one of the biggest and most thriving technology companies in the world and looks like they will continue with their recent success.

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