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Social Network Everloop Releases Their First Mobile App (For Kids)

Everloop is an online social media platform that is specifically designed for kids under the age of 13. The site allows the kids to connect with friends, play games, listen to music and watch videos. Everloop has released their first mobile app called Goobit which focuses on the network’s most popular features ‘goobs.’ “Everloop’s app presents a safer alternative for kids’ social networking, than allowing them to lie about their age in order to set up an account on Facebook, as many unfortunately do.” It is impossible to stop kids nowadays from joining FaceBook and Everloop is not hoping to stop them. However, Everloop can stall those kids and prevent them from joining FaceBook and other social media sites by providing them with a safer environment that is fun entertaining. The Everloop app will offer, “a variety of social activities for kids, without the embarrassment of mom commenting on kids’ posts. Parents are kept informed through notifications, but this is not their network – it’s for the kids.”



Social Network Everloop Hits Mobile With New Goobit App (Yes, It’s For Kids)

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